Real Estate Investments
  CA RE Lic. # 01018789  Monday, October 15, 2007  
First Olympic Realty specializes also in investing into private Real Estate projects. The firm acts as a broker or actively participates by investing its own funds in the projects. It has formed joint ventures with individuals and /or companies in order to invest into projects such as single family residences, condominiums and apartments. The firm works with engineers, architects, contractors and builders that combine a 30-year experience of designing, remodeling and constructing buildings in the USA.
First Olympic Realty contacts feasibility studies for prospective Real Estate investors in Southern California. Such studies can be general or specific, depending upon the requirements of the potential investor. The information includes but is not limited to labor matters, taxation, company formation and investment incentives. We have a reputation for providing high quality services to our clients, and we can serve the needs of the investor before and during the investment.
First Olympic Realty Apartment Communities:
518 South Flower Street, Santa Ana, California
607 South Main Street, Santa Ana, California
609 South Main Street, Santa Ana, California
1325 North Bush Street, Santa Ana, California
206 East 14th Street, Santa Ana, California
1820 South Broadway Avenue, Santa Ana, California
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